About Us


A team of highly skilled and experienced IT experts who are working on diversity of IT projects, are promoting and improving our environment and the society we live in. Gathered together, we decided to create one different Informatics Solutions Company. Without bureaucratic barriers, we are a family of innovators, where every employee can say out loud hers/his own opinion, can work freely on hers/his own idea, and without boundaries can bring its knowledge to perfection. A company in which with mutual cooperation people can contribute for even more meaningful innovations and ideas, solving the problems of all layers of the businesses, private and public, in Macedonia, the region, and the world.

With this we want to make sure, that the end user of all the services we will provide, will be satisfied and will get fast and high quality services. With this impulse and motive, we created foxIT, a company for a better informatics tomorrow.

Team years of experience:

Software Development 18 years
System Integration 10 years
Web Development 10 years
IT Consulting 5 years

foxIT is a company registered in 2012. It is a partner association in which we are focused exactly in the fields in which we are the best and have the biggest knowledge. Creating of complete information systems for facilitating the work of private and public companies, creating of solutions which will give and add new functionalities in that work, as well as maintaining and improving them.

Along this, foxIT works on creating, improving and maintaining of the entire infrastructure beneath, which is needed for these solutions. Shortly, our goal is to provide the recipients of our services one complete IT system, as well as one unique focal point of contact for all their needs and support.