foxIT SWIFT is a product specifically designed and developed for companies that are in the trucking transportation business. Whether they have their own fleet or just managing the transport, SWIFT has everything they need. foxIT is a leader when it comes to software for trucking dispatch operations management, fleet management, business process automation solutions for trucking, freight brokerage and third party logistics. The SWIFT is a complete solution which will simplify your work, but what is more important, along the way it will enable increasing of your profit!


  • Fleet management with early warning mechanism
  • Driver management
  • Billing and Accounts

  • Transport management
  • Transport planing
  • Fuel card services
  • Toll cards services

  • Revenue/Profit analysis

foxIT COLPEO is our internally designed and developed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution. This is an integrated system operating in real-time with no need of periodical updating or retrieving of data. It is in its fourth generation of the ERP solution developed by the foxIT’s software development team which is continually refined and updated. We assess your needs and help you to identify all the systems that will support your business objectives. foxIT defines and integrates the COLPEO ERP Solution with seamless support of each and every one of your business processes.


  • Finance management
  • Inventory/Materials management
  • Human resources
  • Manufacturing

  • Purchases

  • Sales

  • Project management

  • E-Archive

foxIT PLATINO is a set of integrated software solutions for finance institutions. With modules for managing and servicing loans for banks, other finance entities, as well as government institutions dealing with finances and loans. It covers the administration aspect of a loan from the time of dispersion until the loan is paid off. It includes all payment statements, collected monthly payments, maintaining records, paying taxes and collateral and follow up. It also gives the ability for dynamic management of all the criteria which is used for measuring the impact of rates and retention of the borrowers.


  • Loan applications management
  • Loans management

  • Interest rates

  • Calculators

  • Collateral

  • Analytics

  • Dynamic management

  • Summary exec. reports

foxIT AZARO includes the complete environment for administering the taxes in local government institutions, municipalities. Every community, district, municipality, as an institution, needs to make management and administering of all the taxes. Our product AZARO makes all this in the easiest and most efficient way. This product is built and brought to a very high level as a result of our team members long term experience in the government taxes field of more than 18 years. With AZARO and our excellent support you will be managing your taxes with outstanding results!


  • Registers and codes

  • Property taxes
  • Community taxes

  • Tax accounting

  • e-Archive

  • Documents template creation

  • Web portal for tax payers

foxIT PALIDA is our product specially dedicated for Medicine Practices and Health Institutions, whether private or government. This easy to use software is a must if you want to run a successful medical practice. foxIT PALIDA allows you to maintain your database of patients, their medical history as well as prescriptions which were given to them. It also has a simple and intuitive way of processing billings, checking of health insurance of the patient and multiple reports of your overall practice. With PALIDA you will create a positive front-desk experience and increase your patients satisfaction.


  • Patients management

  • Billing

  • Registers of diagnoses, tariffs, etc.

  • Check-ups history

  • Insurances

  • Revenue analysis

  • Performance measurement

foxIT SOSTAV is a solution which combines all the aspects of tracking, servicing, and preventive maintaining of all technical equipment, devices and vehicles a company might have. This simple and intuitive application is something that will improve the way you run your business. You can register all your equipment, machines, and everything your company owns as in asset management, but on top of that you will keep track of all connected suppliers, internal and external maintenance staff, users, tasks for repair and replacement of parts. Included also are all the reports and analysis needed.


  • Register of equipment, devices, vehicles,
  • Register of locations, vendors, staff and users

  • Orders for defects, and interventions

  • Advanced reports

  • Advanced search

  • Advanced user admin.

Custom Software Development

Building a better business

It is always a dilemma for companies that are looking for software to solve their problems and growth, should they invest in a fully custom software solution, or go with an off-the-shelf product. foxIT has many years of experience helping businesses achieve their goals through custom software solutions based on a deep understanding of their unique processes, challenges and needs. In recent years, custom software solutions have deservedly increased their market share because of the incredible value they bring to users. We believe that for each business there is a good fit of a custom software solution.

System Integration

Stronger Infrastructure
  • Complete Data Centers Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Business Continuity planning
  • Network Integration
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Server, Storage and Network virtualization
  • Unified Communication and Collaboration Services

Software Development Outsourcing

Increasing efficiency
  • Risk-free outsourcing: Flexible services that are on time and on budget, fully compliant with all legal regulations, economically priced, and professionally delivered
  • Business value: Competitive pricing, constant adjustments throughout development to changes without missing out on new opportunities, and delivery of a completed project of exceptional quality
  • Operational efficiency: Scalability of resources through all aspects of the development life cycle

IT Consultancy

Driving your business growth
  • Decision facilitation for IT investments
  • Expertise in complex technologies, tools and processes
  • Advice based on knowledge and experience of our team
  • Insight from in-depth field experience with customers across a wide range of industries

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