Efficient Management of your Transport

A complete solution for companies participating in transport processes, it allows them to share information during the execution of tasks, and insight into their operations.

Why use Swift?

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Without efficient transport management software, it takes the employee an average of 18 minutes to find a document or access tour information.

Data Security & Automatic Backup

At least 5% of a company’s data is lost due to unsecured access or non-existent data backup! With SWIFT your data is always safe and regularly stored.

Without Additional IT Costs

By using our transport management software, you will not incur any additional IT costs in your company. For just a small monthly fee you have all the information about your business quickly and instantly.

Trusted Partner

In its 20 years of existence, SWIFT has gone through many development cycles. This enabled us to gain experience through which we removed all weaknesses and vulnerabilities and made SWIFT the best solution for your transport.

Features & Benefits

Simple Preparation / Delivery of the Vehicle

Automate daily document creation processes for vehicles with just a few clicks, effortlessly.

Enabling easy sending of multiple simultaneous loads with one truck and automatic generation of separate invoices for each customer.

Easy Organization of Equipped Tours

Helping companies plan and optimize routes for their vehicles, taking into account factors such as distance, traffic, and weight and size restrictions.

Providing visibility into shipments, allowing companies to better understand the status of their goods and make informed decisions.

Allowing companies to quickly and easily respond to changes in demand or supply, helping them adapt to fluctuating market conditions.

Invoicing and Monitoring

Generate an invoice in seconds and send to customers. Quickly and easily follow the realization status.

Helping companies manage documentation, such as bills of lading and customs documents, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Generating reports and analytics that can help companies understand and improve their transportation operations, including costs, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Resources and Maintenance Records

Constant insight into all available resources, such as vehicles, staff, equipment and their condition.

Automated preventive maintenance reminder and scheduler reacting according due dates approaching as well as extending documents expiration dates.

The list of key features goes on…

Driver management

Fuel card services

Billing and accounts

Toll cards services

Transport management

Revenue/Profit analysis

Transport planning

Fleet management

included services


We will implement Swift in your company and adapt the environment to work in your teams. We will help you organize management and cooperation thanks to Swift.


We will share our practical experience in cooperation and building a knowledge base. We will conduct training anywhere – online and offline.


We will take care of your needs and answer all your questions. We will provide your company with the highest efficiency of cooperation and knowledge sharing thanks to the possibilities of Swift software.

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