The Complete HR Solution 

Software solution that helps organizations manage their human resources data and achieve their goals. It covers the entire employee life cycle, from recruitment to retention. 

Why use VinetoHR?

Reducing administrative tasks

HR software can automate and simplify many routine and repetitive tasks, such as payroll, benefits administration, time tracking, performance appraisal, and compliance. This can save time and money, reduce errors, and improve accuracy. 

Enhancing employee engagement

HR software can provide employees with self-service portals, where they can access their personal information, request leaves, update skills, give feedback, and communicate with their managers and peers. This can increase employee satisfaction, motivation, and retention. 

Improving talent management

Help organizations attract, develop, and retain the best talent for their business. HR software can support various aspects of talent management, such as recruitment, onboarding, training, career development, succession planning, and recognition. 

Facilitating data-driven decisions

Collect and analyze data from various sources, such as employee surveys, performance reviews, productivity metrics, and turnover rates. This can provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, the needs and preferences of the employees, and the trends and opportunities in the market. 

Features & Benefits

HR Reporting and Workflow Automation 

With rapid, custom build reports, automated workflows, and advanced process analytics that support you and move you forward, VinetoHR is your single point for managing all data. 

Candidate and Employee Self Service 

You can setup, find, hire and onboard the best talent for your company with VinetoHR’s assistance. With the help of our robust applicant tracking system and proactive onboarding tasks, you can improve new hires’ first days on the job and create compelling candidate experience. 

Benefits, Payroll, and Time 

You can manage benefits enrollment, track hours worked, and process payroll using VinetoHR from a single platform. No more manual approval procedures or data duplication, just simple, accurate payroll for you and your staff. 

Performance & Employee Experience 

A healthy workplace culture depends on listening to employees’ feedback and investing in their professional development. VinetoHR has tools to make it simpler for you to gather feedback from staff members, external contractors, increase satisfaction, and advance your workforce. 

The list of key features goes on…

Candidate Self-Service – CSS


Manager Self-Service - MSS


Employee Self-Service – ESS

Performance and 360° feedback

Workforce Planning

Talent Management

included services


We will implement VinetoHR in your company and adapt the environment to work in your teams. We will help you organize management and cooperation thanks to VinetoHR.


We will share our practical experience in cooperation and building a knowledge base. We will conduct training anywhere – online and offline.


We will take care of your needs and answer all your questions. We will provide your company with the highest efficiency of cooperation and knowledge sharing thanks to the possibilities of VinetoHR software.

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