In the fast-paced world of HR management, efficiency and precision are paramount. Our Comprehensive HR Software Solution is your all-in-one answer to streamlining every aspect of human resource operations.  

When preparing this software, FoxIT aimed to create a complete and intuitive software solution whose purpose was to create better people practices and give employees the power to help themselves. Precisely because of this reason, we strongly recommend that HR departments shift their focus from the “future of work” to the “now of work” in order to obtain immediate results.  

Organizations that embrace HR’s best practices with a proven solution like VinetoHR see better morale, improved productivity, and increased employee retention. 

VinetoHR is a software solution that covers the entire employee life cycle, fromrecruitment to retention. The strong flexibility gives ways to create customizations and workflows from scratch. Its main functions include: 

  • HR Main 

This is where all employee records are registered and maintained, the organization structure resides, and central management is happening. 

  • ESS (Employee Self Service) 

Empower employees to be able to help themselves, have a place to collaborate, drive their career as well as contribute to a better experience. 

  • CSS (Candidate Self Service) 

The entry point for all job candidates who can have their profile, connect to professional online platforms, get notifications from HR, and manage all their documents and applications. 

  • MSS (Manager Self Service) 

A dedicated portal for all levels of managers with a plethora of features for themselves as well as full control and development of their departments. 

  • Payroll 

All pay types, rates, bonuses, incentives, allowances, overtime, deductions/additions, and reports are automatically calculated, prepared, and processed, even to/from other connected systems. 

  • Workforce Planning 

From unit budget and forecast to identification of high-potential talent, and at-risk areas, as well as succession planning enriched with advanced analytics and custom reports. 

  • Performance and 360 degrees feedback 

Performance indicators and tracking of the set goals, measurable and customizable, with alerts, as well as setting up peer/team feedback and analysis. 


VinetoHR software enhances your user experience by offering its advantages: 

  • Developed on the world-leading process automation and low-code platform Appian. 
  • Highly customizable solution according to clients’ needs and wishes. 
  • Flexible delivery, either on Amazon, Google, or Microsoft Clouds or on client’s premises infrastructure. 
  • Enterprise-grade reliability with multi-tenant architecture. 
  • Rapid implementation and development – 10x faster than usual projects on other platforms, following Agile and ISO 20000 and 27001. 
  • Connect to nearly any system with customizable integrations and smart services.  
  • VinetoHR is automatically ready for use on any device – from mobile to PC. 


Additionally, the two most beneficial metrics that have been reported by our current clients that use this software and have noticed visible results are cutting time on administrative tasks and reducing the onboarding process. Namely: 

  • Onboarding new employees time for HR professionals drops from 11 to 5.5 hours per new employee and 
  • HR professionals spend 5 hours per day on administrative tasks. With VinetoHR these tasks reduce to 3 hours per day. 


By installing this software, your employees receive effortless yet immense assistance while obtaining: 

  • Usage of an enterprise-grade proven platform 

Built on the Appian platform, and used by companies like Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, United States Army. 


  • Reducing administrative tasks 

Automate and simplify routine tasks like payroll, benefits administration, time tracking, performance appraisal, compliance, and others. 


  • Enhancing employee engagement 

Rich self-service portals, where people can collaborate, increasing satisfaction and motivation. 


  • Improving talent management 

Attract, develop, and retain the best talent for your business. VinetoHR supports all aspects of talent management. 

  • Facilitating data-driven decisions      Collect and analyze data from various sources, providing insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. 


We are ready to make multiple meetings with potential customers presenting them the solution and how it works. As an experienced IT company, we aim to integrate the HR technology with our cutting-edge software and elevate your HR department to new heights. 

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your company?  

Contact us to learn more about what vinetoHR can do for you today. 

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