Job Description:

Foxit provides opportunities for young undergraduates and graduates from technical universities and faculties to start their careers even during their educational process and join us as interns.

The internship program offers a chance to do real hands-on work by being involved in project teams where interns get real roles and responsibilities as part of the team. We assign a senior trainer who will lead our 1 to 3-month program, responsible for guiding and monitoring interns’ progress as well as giving advice and consultations for improvement.

After this period, outstanding candidates will have the chance to join Foxit’s team, gain industry insight and improve their technical capabilities as well as interpersonal skills.

Seniors and trainers are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise, coaching, challenging, and supporting young talents, treating interns as professionals, and exposing them to a complex environment. You can apply for an internship in software development, specializing in ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, database, and IT infrastructure.


Job type: Internship
Salary: //
Location: Skopje / Prilep